Sunday, 1 July 2007

What a Beautiful Friendship...

This post may come out a little sappy LOL, must be feeling a little hormonal or something. May and June means lots of Birthdays for us. A significant double are the Birthday's of Lauren and Renee.

I met Patty, Lauren's mum at ante natal classes, we were both pregnant for the first time. I technically was due to have Renee the day before Lauren, Lauren however, had other ideas about that!!! Lauren, although late herself was born 5 days before Renee. With me having to be induced.

The girls and their dad's still in hospital
Renée is the dark haired baby!

The girls were born in the same hospital, and Patty was still there when I went to have Renee, she would check the board everyday of the labour suite to see if I had arrived yet! It was great having her there, she was able to show me the ropes around the hospital before she left! Between Patty and myself we have 6 kids and nope I can not claim half as mine. Patty, who has turned out to be my best friend had four in total - her last 3 being brave woman I say LOL.

Patty sent me some photos last night of Lauren's party and the last photo, which was the one of girls cutting the cake made me cry - told you I must be hormonal LOL. What a friendship these girls have, they have been friends from birth, well destined to be friends I guess. Patty and I had never met before, we were just lucky enough to be pregnant at the same time, and be booked into the same hospital, see the same doctor and as it turns out only live 5 minutes away from each other, how cool is that, some would call it fete!

The girls are so lucky to have one another, a friendship that will span a lifetime, and I so reckon that Patty and I scooped the gene pool, 'cause look how gorgeous they both are!

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Celina said...

HI Leanne, what a beautiful thing two friends sharing their lives together. Yes a valuable and precious jewel "friendship" (a pearl) like you are to me Leanne. Love ya guts girl love Celina xxxx