Sunday, 22 July 2007

Harry Potter - the final chapter

Well it's here, we had pre-ordered our copy to ensure that we didn't miss it! The line was enormous yesterday morning according to hubby, Rod, he however managed to walk straight past it and be one of the first ones in to get the book, only he could get away with that LOL.

Once the book got home, we never saw Renee again only for food and water LOL. She curled herself up in our bed and read and read. She would have been further along with it, if it weren't for a Scout Meeting that she had in the afternoon, such an inconvenience!!!!

She slept with me last night - (the boys having movie night again in the spare room), I fell asleep only to wake up at about 1 am to still find her reading - she couldn't stop apparently it was sad!!! Oh dear, I don't want it to be sad LOL.

Anyway this pic was taken about 11.00pm last night and as I type this she is in the same position now, she won't stop until finished. I dare say that there are quite a few kids in the world right now that are doing the same thing, makes for a very quiet home, thankyou JK Rowling - it has been so peaceful, no sibling fighting this weekend!!

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