Monday, 2 July 2007

Oh how I love parcels!

Just had to share this. This is my first order from the Scrap Heap. I have bought things online before, but it's the first order from them.

I didn't buy a lot, you know there is such a thing called a budget, argh hate it! LOL. I so adore the Frangapanis they are beautiful, a little larger than I thought, but just so delicate, (Patty I just had to get them, I love flowers LOL, a girl can never have too many LOL). I got some pretty bling brads, couldn't decide on what colour so I bought a packet of each, oh decisions!! I so love the little idea book that they threw in for me, some really nice ideas there.

Oh I love my puter, it's so much fun shopping without leaving the warmth of your house and then coming home after a day at the office finding a box with some of your favourite things inside!

Patty I have pulled out one of the flourishes for you, so you can show me what to do with it LOL!!!


Chrissy said...

Ohhhhh yeah!! :-)

A Scrap Heap pizza box always puts a big smile on my face too!!! Looks like you have some *very cute* goodies there Leanne!

Chrissy x

Treezah said...

WELCOME to the world of TSH wont be able to stop yourself now you know!! flourishes are great, just paint them, or cover them or bling them, the list is endless and pop them in a blank spot on your page!!!
enjoy your pizza box!!

LisaH said...

Nothing better than a pizza box full of goodies!

Thank you Leanne for your *very* kind comments left on my blog the other day :)

I will be working on some invitations for a 1st birthday party this weekend for my niece -
happy scrapping!!

Lisa x

Debbie B said...

I always look forward to my PB arriving from TSH too, Leanne. It makes my day. I dont shop any other way...LOL
Looks like you have some *delicious* goodies there.
Have fun.

Debbie B