Sunday, 1 July 2007

Aaron's Party......

Well the party has now been and gone and I'm feeling a little tired LOL. All in all I think the boys had a good time, we did have an injury with someone falling on top of someone and the other getting squashed, but when you run around like crazy playing hide and seek I guess there is bound to be an injury or two - Boys can be so rough and tumble LOL.

The party started about 5pm, with playstation and Nintendo being the most popular form of entertainment. I'm not sure I have ever seen quite so many games being played all at the same time before...such intensity!

Pizza's were ordered for tea, the idea was for a no fuss party this year, so this seemed to be a nice easy option as opposed to the whole party food thing. We did that last year, was great fun, but lots of work, we also had 11 kids last year overnight as opposed to 6 this year!

After tea we played the smartie game, the idea is to move the smarties from the big bowl to their own bowl with a straw only, see how many you can get in your bowl in 30 seconds. To make the game go a little longer and to test the skills, we did it out of three rounds, with the total score from three rounds being used to determine the winner.....and the winner was Josh with a total of 39 smarties, he so rocked at it, his nearest rival was Aaron with a score of 32!

More playstation was then played and then it was time to cut the cake. We had an ice cream cake from the ice cream man, and it was delicious...Aaron did have trouble putting the knife through it...hmm guess I should have taken it out of the freezer for a while. Oh and this pic will let you identify the winner of the smartie game, that would be Josh on the right, with the ever so glamorous photo face!!!!! He is so mad, LOL.

We then brought the beds out, two queen size mattresses, luckily the lounge room floor is quite big, so they fitted just right. Quite funny, this morning, though. We had Matthew asleep on the lounge - although he had nailed that spot last night. Two boys were at the end of the bed on the floor. Josh had managed to score one whole mattress to himself and the other three were on the other bed - they would have all fitted, but nope they had other ideas.

They watched some movies. I went to bed about 11.30. I have no idea what time the boys finally fell asleep, some think it was around 2 or 3am so they will probably be a little tired today.

I had to get up early this morning, even though a small sleepin would have been nice. Renee had a Taeqwondo grading to go to and she had to be at her ride's house at 8am. Matthew and Josh also had to be ready reasonably early as they had footy. So breakfast was on and served by about 7.45am. Pancakes and cereal with juice. Yum!

After breakfast we had time for a game. We played Pin the Tail on the Donkey, although we didn't use the tails just the red sticker dots, was just a little easier.

Aaron won this game, with Matthew coming a close second. This is Matthew behind the mask in these pics.

The boys then spent the rest of the time, in the games room, waiting for their parent to come and collect them at 11.00, the last child having left at 11.30 - apparently Bryan had told dad that he could be picked up sometime between 11 and 12!

Aaron again was stoked, having ended up with $95 from his party guests. So guess where we have just come back home from - EB games - two more Nintendo games were bought, how lucky is he.

So that's that job done for another year!


Megan said...

Hi Leanne

It looks like the party was a success! Love the smartie game sounds too tricky for me though....I'd just put my hand in!

Megan xx

Celina said...

Dude cool party i wish i was there.
From jarrod.

Chrissy said...

LOL It's bringing back all those memories of Alex's party last year!! I can hardly believe in less than 8 weeks it'll be September and I'll be doing it all AGAIN!!!