Saturday, 28 July 2007

Oh Boy, Reneé has her boat licence.....

Yup thats right, scary isn't our Renee is now licenced to drive a boat, she passed her practical exam today. We went to Mannum, with Asuka it was cold but the sun was out and it was actually quite a nice day!

Here Renee is, getting ready with the Marine's officer and then off she goes....

then she was rubber stamped, how exciting..with a pass!

and then she took me for a spin and drove the boat onto the trailer, she thought that was pretty groovy, LOL.

Here a few other pics, that I thought I would share, up a tree is an ideal spot for a little bit of Nintendo, Aaron sat there for about 45 minutes until he started to cramp up!!!!

A picture of Aaron and Asuka on the playground and then I think a really nice pic of Asuka sitting in the gum tree.

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