Thursday, 19 July 2007

An afternoon with friends and bowling...

School holidays are here at the moment and I have a week off, how nice is that. So we have been trying to do some family orientated type things this week. We we went to the Drive-in Saturday night and saw Harry Potter and Transformers - Note to self, 2 movies is far too long to sit in a car for!

Tuesday, Rod and I and the kids went to the pictures, we were going to go to Victor Harbor but we woke up to rain, so didn't fancy travelling all the way down there hoping to see the whales and then get there and not see any and get wet in the process, so the movies won out there. We saw "Knocked Up" was funny in parts, a little old for Aaron, however he came out of there having learnt quite a bit, to say the least!

Yesterday afternoon was spent bowling with Patty and the kids, had loads of fun, although it is a little tricky keeping 6 kids happy all of the time! LOL. Overall though it was a good afternoon and it was just nice to sit and watch, rather than run and run, if you know what I mean, that was once we got the kids sorted anyway!

To the right is Josh, the look says it "Argh, so close!"

and below is Renee and Ryan, Patty's youngest.

Below is Matthew (just) Aaron and Ryan

Lauren and Renee

and then there was a question of bowling style LOL. Rod used to bowl many moons ago and the kids have picked up some pointers from him on how to release the ball. Renee has this very delicate way about her of delivering the ball to its destination, foot gently sweeping behind with the hand out for balance LOL, Aaron has a full on kneel down approach, Lauren - well anything goes there LOL and Ryan - determined to say the least!!!!!! I never got a photo of Matthew and Josh, but there style also varied.

Check them out LOL, from left to right - Renee, Aaron, Lauren and Ryan

To finish up with, the kids used their tokens and won some tickets, so then they had to go to the prize booth. Picking out their prize took nearly as long as one game of bowls LOL, took them ages to decide what they wanted.

It was great fun.....

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