Thursday, 19 July 2007

Haircuts and colours.....

Apart from what we have done over the last few days and also being the last week of school holidays, meant there were haircuts to consider. Aaron has been at us for ages to have his hair blonded again, he had it done about 8months or so ago for the first time and thought he just looked so hot LOL. So off we went tonight for the full on treatment, although I didn't get mine done, have put that off until next week.

I remembered the camera this time...

Here's Aaron with the streaking cap, he didn't like it much, particularly the part when they pull the hair through the cap LOL ( please excuse the dark circles under our boys eyes, hmm school holidays and late nights, they have a lot to answer for, dont they?)

and this is the end result, very funky indeed

Renee also had her hair cut and some foils, she however, was less than co-operative when it came to having her photo taken, I guess she knew that it would end up being blogged LOL. I managed to get this one though, of her kissing Rod (dad) goodbye, after he also had his hair cut.

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Treezah said...

what is is with boys wanting foils LOL, my Aaryn had his fringe blonde for his birthday, and cameron had more blonde streaks put through, i was banned from taking camera to hairdresser though as I could be embarrassing, NOW if you've read my blog, i dont see how it could be ME embarrassing them!!!!!! LOL