Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Aaron turns 11.....

yup that's right, my little guy turns 11 today, I can't believe it. As I said in my earlier post on Renee's birthday I get so meloncholly around their birthday's, makes me sad and happy and proud, and all those motherley feelings come out in me LOL.

Aaron did quite well for his birthday and he is stoked. Renee and I went out looking for something for him on Saturday and struggled to come up with anything. Renee had suggested a Nintendo DS, but I just thought that at $200 and then the accessories and the book and potentially a game was a little pricey. However, it was what he reeeeaaallly wanted!!! So we came home and spoke to Rod and to him. It was decided that he could have it, but he would need to put $100 towards it, as the budget was set at $150, plus his party on the weekend, so he was very happy with that idea.

So along with the nintendo he got the accessory pack and the book that he wanted to go with one of the games that he has in mind.

How happy does he look in these pics.

And how sweet is this pic with his sister, doesn't happen very often LOL

He so did not want to go to school today, he just wanted to play. After opening his presents, he then started counting all the people that he was hoping to get money from LOL, because now he has a game in mind. So there was Papa, who he had got $20 from last night. Aunty Celina told him he was getting money (the card hasn't arrived yet Celina, should get here tomorrow), he had hoped that he had dropped enough hints to Aunty Donna and maybe some of the kids that are coming to the party on Saturday night will perhaps help him out a little. It was so hilarious watching him working all this out.

Granny, Grandpop, Aunty Donna and Ben ( he is technically uncle now, but the kids find it a strange concept) have just left after having tea here, and yes he has cleaned up again and money was what he got, totalling $50 so we are off to the shops tomorrow, cause he has it spent LOL.

Here he is blowing out the candles and cutting the cake

and some family pics

He has a party on Saturday night, five boys over for the night (well four have responded just one more to reply) and then that will be Birthdays over for another year! So look out for more pics after Saturday, I am sure there will be plenty LOL

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Chrissy said...

Big happy birthday wishes to your Aaron!!