Saturday, 23 June 2007

Do you remember when..... started High School and the excitement that you had ahead of you with all the new lessons and discoveries that awaited you........hmmmmmmm I don't think it was quite like that for me, was just another school, with more homework and I remember feeling quite deflated being one of the "little ones" again, after being on top of primary school for the last 12 months!

Renee is in Year 9 now, so she has already felt and moved on from the above feeling. However the excitement of the woodwork, metal work and plastic class is still very much in her. She enjoys this stuff...I loved these classes too at school and you forget how excited you got until you have your own child come home with their projects.

She has made several things, the classic keyring (I remember making one of these myself), a pencil holder, a metal pencil case - she didn't do a bad job of this - although her soldering was not quite as good as mine LOL, I was the best in my class!! not bad for a girl, eh...
However, her latest project is brilliant I am quite impressed with it, check it out.....a footstool! It could have been sanded a little better, but all in all it's fab and she got 18 out of 20 for it, so not bad at all! Renee said she was a little afraid of the sander, and as a result this let her down a little in the marking.

I remember being afraid of the machinery also, particularly the lathe, especially after I nearly took one of the students heads off with my flying chip bowl that hadn't been attached to it properly....flung clean off the thing, as a result it ended up with huge chunk taken out of it from where the chisel had gouged in to it, right before it went flying across the room.

Hmmm memories they are good aren't they.....I love that our kids help us re live some of them from our own childhood.

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