Monday, 11 June 2007

Girls, Girls and More Girls......

Our long weekend has been taken over by girls, good girls but taken over all the same LOL. We have had Cyra stay since Friday night, she's a great kid!!

Cyra went home for a little while Saturday afternoon with Renee, to help her dad find their snake, yup thats right, their pet snake "Monty", its only 6 months old so still quite small, they did find him eventually wrapped up inside the spine of the computer chair, but that wasn't until they pulled the whole house apart LOL. I wasn't going anywhere inside the house until the snake was found, ewwwwwwwwwwww. Renee thinks it's kinda cool.

Whilst they were looking for the snake, we went and bought a slow cooker. I have wanted one for ages, but was a little scared of the whole concept of leaving it on all day whilst you're at work. Anyway the girls at work finally convinced me it was safe and they were on special for $49.95, so why not!!! I then remembered reading on Tess's blog about her yummy homely smells with her slow cooker and bread maker, so I blogged her for her Beef Strognoff receipe and I ended up with whole a recepie book for slow cooking, THANKYOU so much TESS, yummy yummy yummy.

We went to the drive-in Saturday night and saw Shrek, that was great, really enjoyed it. We also stayed to watch Pirates of the Carribean, it went for nearly 3 hours, it was far too long and it didn't really hold my attention, so that was a little disappointing.

Renee did another shopping trip with her girlfriends yesterday, had birthday money this time, and did really well with her efforts. She bought two tops, a pair of cargo pants and a really nice jacket, money very well spent. Whilst she was out she rang and asked if Tegan and Katerina could stay over. Given that we were having dinner at Donna and Ben's house last night, I suggested that she ring there first. It turned out all cool, so we then ended up with 3 extras last night.

DONNA and BEN did a beautiful roast, THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS, it was so yummy and they kindly fed the rest of our extended family.

The girls thought the arcade machine was fab and Aaron was in his element with the X Box. Aaron and Ben even had a bonding moment later on the Arcade machine, such a guy thing!!!

After dinner it was out to the hot tub. Aaron got in first to have some peace time without the girls. Water temperature a beautiful 38 degrees, pity the night air wasn't something similiar, good way of getting sick, but the kids loved it!!!! The girls were in there forever.

Once we got home, the girls decided some girl time was in order, so the face packs came out again, right after some silly snapshots were taken, check them out. You ask for them for a nice photo and this is what you end up with. I guess they are good pics to blog though and I figure eventually if I continue to blog them, they will get sick of not looking their very best and maybe eventually give me something to decent to work with LOL.

and pics of the face packs LOL

Girls are still here, not sure what time they are heading home today am in no hurry, they aren't in our way, slow cooker is doing its thing for lunch, yummo, its a perfect day!!

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