Sunday, 3 June 2007

Renee turns 14..celebrated with a weekend of pampering.....

Wow, what a weekend we have had, it has been so much fun, (I just wished I was feeling a little better, bugs are still with us). Renee's 14th Birthday has now been and gone, I can't believe she is 14. I get so meloncolly about 2 - 3 days before each of the kids birthday's, you remember when they were little and reflect on all those precious moments and then you look at how beautiful and handsome they have become and can't wait to see what another 10 years or so brings....

Her birthday started about 8.30 in the morning. Aaron came in and woke me up (just me because Rod had already left for his Cub camp) he wanted to give her the presents, poor kid she was still completely out to it when we went in there. Most of the unwrapping was done virtually with her eyes closed LOL, however her little eyes lit up when she opened the card from us and $50 fell out it, my how they all love the money!!!! From us she got a Adidas tracksuit, her first Dolly magazine, chokkies and money, not a bad haul, even if I do say so myself.

A little while later we visited Granny and Grandpop, I needed to drop around the pizza vouchers so that they could pick them up for us for tea. The present haul continued. Mum made her a Teddy Bear, which Renee has now called "Betty" due to all the Betty Boops around Teddy's apron, so cute. She also got a signet ring, which is something that she has wanted for quite some time. She loved it.

Lauren arrived at about 1pm, and we picked up Cyra at about 3pm. At this point I was about ready to die. I still have my dreaded bugs, although I am feeling a little better today, yesterday was pretty crappy though. Renee has woken up this morning feeling pretty ordinary now so am hoping that none of the girls end up catching our bugs. Lauren, Renee and Cyra spent an hour or two watching some old Calisthenic videos of Renee, was so much fun, they were so darn cute back then, Lauren being in some of the videos as well, memories are great.

Briannah arrived at 5.30pm. Donna, Ben, Granny and Grandpop arriving shortly afterward with the food. Pizza, Garlic Bread and coke - what a hit!!! The Birthday Cake was a White Mud cake from the Cheesecake Shop - yummo.... The Party was underway!

Donna stayed on for a while after Granny and Grandpop went home. Ben also left, I took Donna home a little while later. It was good having Donna there, an extra pair of hands for the serious pampering that was about to be underway. The girls had such fun, Cyra and Briannah had never had face packs before, so they loved it!!! We had non-alcoholic wine and strawberries and foot spas and chocolate, what more does a girl need!

After the removal of the face pack, it was then an opportunity for a photo session, and wow some of these girls sure do know how to pose, it was so much fun and with the scrapbooker in me, I was in my element LOL. The girls played the chocolate game, although they kinda cheated with warm chocolate and a real knife LOL and also the marsh mellow game, see how many marsh mellows you can get in your mouth and still say "white fluffy bunny", I tell ya that game was so darn lady like NOT.

The evening was spent watching "chick flicks". I was in bed by about midnight, the girls apparently were still awake at about 2.30am or so. I never heard them thankfully.

Renee, Lauren, Briannah and Cyra

They slept in too which was excellent, I tell ya girls at this age are fantastic! I crawled out of bed at about 10.00am, turned on some music which got them stirred up and cooked pancakes for breakfast. All of us then had a look through the photos taken from the night before - someone, I think it may have been Cyra said can we do some Scrapbooking - well as Patty (my girlfriend) said I was then automatically elevated to a very "happy place" LOL. So the rest of the day was spent in my favourite room of the house Scrapbooking - check them out, how much fun were they having?

And here are the layouts that they created. Lauren even did some sewing on hers, how clever was she. I was so impressed, didn't they do a great job!


Celina said...

Hi Leanne and Renee, wow! the party looked like soooo much fun great girl time a 14th birthday, one Renee will never forget great job Leanne. Also I just loved the girls srapbooking very talented young ladies, love to all love Celina xxxxxxx

Leanne said...

Hey Celina, I so wish you were here for it, you would have had so much fun, I think you even would have got into the scrapbooking LOL
Love ya