Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Kayak trek....very exhausting

Well the Kayak trek was hard work. Weather was very ordinary...wind and rain and got cold. Dad and I were the land crew, so we had the easy job. We met up with them each night and camped out with them, was lots of fun...although I hate the outdoor toileting, girls really aren't made for outdoor living like that! LOL.

Due to the weather the kids didn't make it to Morgan which was the intention, they instead got to Cadell, all up they paddled about 52kms, which is a fair effort given the conditions. At the end of each day they would set up their tents, then pull out their little trangia's (camp oven's) and cook their meals, by the end of the weekend they were exhausted and very sore, blisters and muscle aches being the main complaints.
They also had to go through Lock 2 I was a little worried about that, but they made it through fine, they lock master was lovely and made sure that he let the water out fairly slowly so as to not swirl up the water too much for them.
We got home Sunday night at about 8.30pm and I think that I am still getting over it.
So here are a few pics from the weekend.


Chrissy said...

Sounds exhausting to me Leanne! LOL Love the piccies, can't wait to see them scrapped.
Chrissy x

Anonymous said...

At a girl Ney Ney
Knew you could do it, a better you than me, god I get tired just thinking about it....

Aunty Patty