Saturday, 24 May 2008

Talk about busy and BIG achievements

Far out, time just gets away from us here at the moment...but we have had some exciting stuff happen since I last posted.

Renee has been working hard toward her Australian Scout Medallion, she finishes Scouts in less than two weeks, sadly, she will turn 15 and then be too old. I know she will miss it, particularly her Scout Leader, Griz, they are great mates and I know they will continue to be so.
Back to her Medallion, yes she achieved it!!!! We are all so proud of her. It was lots of hard work and the last few weeks have been fairly stressful to say the least, with getting it all finished, but she got there in the end. She is the first Scout in her Group to achieve her Green Cord and the Medallion. Here are some pics of her getting her cord, very proud moment.

Renee with her leaders above, from left to right, Skip....Renee...Griz. These guys have been awesome leaders. Below is her troop that she took away for her Scout Medallion Camp. She had to plan everything, buy the food, book the venue, organise equipment. The camp was last weekend and it rained the whole time, they even had hail. I tell ya, it's something about Renee and camps, she tends to bring the bad weather.!!!!

Her Medallion will be presented to her by the Govenor some time in September or October a very big cool, eh!

Still on Renee, I tell you, our life has been revolved around her at the moment, I guess her being the oldest, it tends to happen, poor Aaron, his turn will come. Renee managed to secure her first job, yeeha!!! She is so excited, her first day today. She is working as a party host at our local ten bowling centre, she started this morning at about 10.30am. I have just come back from up there, because Rod dropped her off this morning with no money, I figured she would be looking for a drink or food right about now, so had to go up and give her some money. She looks tired, and she said she was tired, but at the end of the day the $11 an hour, will be the reward, not bad money for a nearly 15 year old. Her Scout leaders wife, helped out with that one, gave me a text the other afternoon and said for Renee to come up with her Resume, she was there bowling with her daughter at the time and noticed the sign that said they were looking to recruit. We left and within about 5 minutes of being home, she was phoned and asked to come to an interview the next afternoon. You couldn't wipe the smile of her face, her own money, how awesome.

I have had a Birthday, celebrated quietly, a whole 38 years. Dad kept saying he didn't think I was that old, I just don't think he wanted to believe it, because it made him feel old LOL. To me it's just a number.

Anyway that's my news for this time, have a great week or month, whatever it may be before I get back onto this again.



Chrissy said...

You sound super busy! Well done Renee!! And hey Leanne, happy birthday hugs going your way too! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good girl Ney Ney. Have a great last weekend camping witht the scouts. Lauren will be workuing YOUR shift HA HA Hey baby, happy birthday for Tuesday too. Hi Aaron (not to be forgotten!!) Luv yas
U no who

Chrissy said...

Heya Leanne!! How are you doing? You've been ever so quiet, time for a little update pretty please??!! :) :) :)
Love Chrissy x

Lea Bristow said...

That's a fantastic achievement. Well done. I'm still Joey Scout Leader at Hallettcove. Hope you are going well.
Family life here busy I've been doing a lot of writing now. So my pen name is Bristow due to my last name. Little Patrick is now 8 months old. Time is going quickly.

Chat soon.

Lea Adcock