Sunday, 13 April 2008

I found the Easter Bunny......

Ok, so Easter has been and gone.....However, I was looking through some of my pics tonight and came across this one, and I just had to add it to my blog, LOL. This is my Dad, we were at Taeqwondo one night and he decided to throw the Bunny Ears on, what a dag!!!
Kids have started school holidays as of Friday last week, thank heavens to some point. It will give Renee a break from her Science teacher, they seem to have a major difference of opinion and the two week break may be a good thing. She had an excellent report ( 4 A's and 2 B's) and still managed an "A" for Science, but we will be keeping a close eye on the whole personality clash thing. Argh teens....although I have to agree with some of the issues that Renee is having, threatening to reduce percentages to give her a lower grade, is just not on in my opinion, and I do totally understand that Renee can be vocal in her opinions, however if the child is doing what she needs to do and getting the percentage that she needs to get for her "A" then I dont think threatening to take it away from her is appropriate, simply because you have a problem with the child. Oh man I didn't realise it bothered me quite so much obviously does for the whinge that I have just had. I did ring the school and discuss the issues with the year level manager, so we will just wait and see what happens now.
Still on is that no matter how many times you can say something to your teen, it appears to fall on deaf ears, LOL.
Renee, can you pick up your clothes and put them in the wash?
Renee can you tidy up your room and put your clothes in the wash?
Renee can you hang the clothes up that you have tried on for 10 minutes and clean up your room?
These are just some of the questions that are asked on a regular basis. This morning I am doing the washing and just when I have loaded up and started the machine, madam decides that she is going to bring out her washing, a whole darn load of it, honestly she has a machine full and I have a big washing machine!. I start hanging her stuff on the line and find tops that I haven't even see her wear....trying to explain to her, that something she has tried on for 10 minutes is not dirty, but simply needs to be hung again, is major drama LOL, I suggested to her that during her two week holidays, she may like to do the ironing, man the look I got from that was like I had asked her to cut her right arm off!!!!
All in all though she is a good kid and we are getting on relatively well at the moment, not too many major arguements, thank heavens, I think I may have finally worked her out!
Aaron, well he is just plodding along, he has hormones raging through his little body, drives us crazy at times. He grunts at us now, when we ask him to do something, and if he isnt grunting he moans LOL. Having said that though it is fairly short lived, thank heavens and he tends to move on fairly quickly, boys are so different to girls, she would scream at us for hours LOL, what am I saying, she still can at times.!
So thats me, thanks for listening to my moans, really haven't had a lot going on in our lives of late, but thought I had better put something up here, to keep you all interested...
And just when I think my kids are hard work.....Renee just now, this minute, randomly said
"I Love You, MUM'
and Aaron, quickly followed suit, LOL, not to be outdone..
Kids, they can be hard work, but where would be without them LOL
Have a great week everyone.
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Celina said...

LMAO that is just too funny of Dad. Arh the joys of Motherhood Leanne just remember one day at a time, you will see it through and when they leave home you will be thinking why have you got no stress anymore and why do you have so much time on your hands mm I wonder lol we are traviling the road with ya sister laughing and crying all the way,Have a great day love ya Celinaxxx

Chrissy said...

Oh dear! LOL I totally get the teenage girl and clothes issue. I swear Emmy must have a cupboard full of clothes UNDER her bed at times.... *sigh*