Monday, 21 April 2008

I'm on Holidays.....just for a week!

Yay for a short break.....I have been so busy, which has made me so darn tired.....but I have the next couple of days off, yippeee.

Renee has a kayaking camp this weekend, so we are busy getting ready for that, she will be doing 60 kms over three days, rather her than me, although the scenery will be gorgeous. They are travelling from Waikerie to Morgan. As with all hikes or treks that she does, she has to cart her own gear in the Kayak, set up camp each night and cook her own meal, sounds like fun!

Dad and I will be the land crew, so we don't get out of it, LOL. We will be camping with them overnight.....they do have two leaders rowing with them. Rod and Aaron will have the weekend off, Rod just having had shoulder surgery, so doesn't really deem him useful for the weekend, hence dad coming instead. So think of us this weekend, starting at dawn Friday morning with Dawn Service for Anzac day, then off to Waikerie we drive.

On a side note, I got creative last night and made this for mum for Mother's Day. The pics are of her five grandchildren....I loved doing this, was so much fun. Only thing is I can't keep anything a secret, so when she drove around today, I just had to give it to her LOL. Oh well I did get her something else.


Brett, Cass, Charlotte & Lucas said...

Lucky you, being on holidays. Just saw your little album on The Scrap Heap. It's just divine. Love the colours and the photos are great!!

Cass xoxo

Tess said...

I love the little album, so cute!
i see you have your delight in life stamps!!! LOVELY!!

Chrissy said...

Hope you had a good week Leanne(even with the kayaking event, woulda tired me out completly!! LOL)Love your little albumn, it's just tooooooo cute love.

Chrissy x