Monday, 5 November 2007

For the Benefit of Celina.........

Celina does miss out on a lot of the family ongoings down here in the big smoke, so she uses the "blog" as a way of keeping in touch........

So just for you Celina, here is Donna, showing you the Nursery colours, (Celina, just click on the photos to make them bigger). Donna and Ben have been painting and yesterday they started putting the freeze up, a bugger of a job I hear, but they are doing a great job (well Ben is, not sure how much help Donna is, but that's OK Donna, lap it up I say, after all it's not every day we get pregnant!!!). Sex of the baby is unknown so neutral colouring in order.....

and just a cute pic to finish off, very unco-operative the pair of them getting pics yesterday


..............and after visiting there yesterday, I had to go and pick the kids up from Patty's, it was Matthew's 11th Birthday yesterday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MATTHEW

Renee, turned on the most beautiful performance, check this pic out. I swear of late she is giving me the most fantastic 21st shots..........Patty snagged this shot of her, excellent shooting Patty

This glamorous photo, is currently being used as my computer desktop photo, and it looks hilarious so big. I was in stitches when I put in up there, my ribs were killing me from laughing, how did we get one like her?


Celina said...

HI Leanne, thanks for getting the pics up soooo soon. I just love the baby's room Donna and Ben great job! Renee what a goof lmae!!!love ya all cya love Celina xxxx

Lea Adcock said...

lol cool picture of Renee.

Love what your sis and her DH are doing to the nursery looks fab.