Thursday, 25 October 2007

Donna at 24 Weeks.......

Each time she comes around for her pics, I don't think she looks a lot different. However, when I look at the photo from the month before you can always see a difference in her shape. Donna is so neat and tidy, she looks fantastic!

We took a measurement of her waist line last month and she has grown 3 cms since then, so that was exciting!!!!

But in bigger news......I FELT THE BABY MOVE.....yup that's right, very excited Aunty Leanne here. Aunty Leanne has had a big week! We were sitting at the computer looking at the photos. It was a very gentle movement but I felt it all the same, how cool is that!
So here are this months pics.............

1st pic 20 weeks and now 24 weeks

.........and this pic to the left is my pic of the month.
Totally natural, although the sentiment behind the pic is nothing like it first glance you would think that she was fondly nurturing her growing belly.........yeah right........, she was in fact trying to get rid of a dirty mark on her top!!!!!!
But I love it anyway!


Celina said...

HI Leanne, Hi Donna you look, just beautiful and you are getting sooooo big now. Not long now!!!! take care girls love ya lots xxx Celina

Anonymous said...

Isn't she beautiful.
A growing baby and a glowing mum