Tuesday, 23 October 2007

I Love this Kid.....

I got Phillip this jumper on EBAY, initially I was going to keep it for Christmas, but changed my mind. So I gave it to Celina to give to him, the last time she was down.

I rang her tonight to see what he thought of it. A little while later I got this email from him....


I tried on the jumper you gave to me, and I think its not too bad. It is a bit long at the arms, however I will grow into the sleeves soon enough, LOL.

I really appreciate this gift, and it shall warm me up on the coldest of winter's nights.

Lots of Love, Phil

Isn't it just the best email, how polite is my nephew. One very proud Aunty here, I just had to share!

I love you too, Phil. You are one of the best!
Love Aunty Leanne

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Celina said...

HI Leanne yup that's my boy but you do help bring the best in him out - he really loves you too love ya, Celina xxxx