Saturday, 20 October 2007

Scout Leadership Presentation.....

Last night, Renée was presented with her Scout Leadership Certificate and Badge, we are a very proud family right now!!. For those that aren't Scout minded that read this, it's lot of hard work and a very big achievement.

Renée had attended a course in March this year and there were several other activities that she had to plan and run within her troop, document them and submit them for assessment.

The success here is paramount to her getting her ultimate goal of the Australian Scout Medallion. She has about 7 months to get all the work finished that is required to achieve this, so fingers crossed she will get there.

Here are some pics

....with the District Scout Commissioner


Anonymous said...

Well done Naynay. Blog stalker here

Celina said...

Hi Leanne, Hi Nee, well done on all your hard work it has paid off. Well done we are so very proud of you too you go girl! love ya, from Aunty Celina mwa!