Monday, 12 November 2007

A Big Weekend, no housework, but who cares!!!!!!

Wow we have had a full weekend, busy, busy, busy.

Saturday morning started off with a Birthday Party for Josh. What a hoot of a party. Laser Skirmish and then Go Karting a real boys party, it was totally awesome. Way to go Patty, the boys had a blast.

Here's Aaron in the Go Kart and Josh, the Party Boy, turning the BIG 13 on Wednesday, that's two teenagers in Patty's house now, you had better watch out girl!!!

Then yesterday we drove up to Walker's Flat to have a day on the river with the boat. Patty and the kids came up with us, it was a beautiful day weather wise, and was so much fun. The kids loved it. I even got brave enough to drive the boat and tow dad on the biscuit. Was so scared, had my heart in my mouth the whole time. Pretty sad really given that I got my licence last summer and still haven't allowed myself to practice enough to actually use it LOL. Renee came out with me, and told me what to do. The scary thing was is that she actually does know what to do and I was hanging off her every word LOL. Anyway Dad mangaged to finally get behind the boat, which was cool, he said I did OK, well I must have I didn't kill him, so that was a bonus eh?

So here are some pics, just random ones of the day. Check out the kids faces, you don't need words when they throw you smiles like that!

This pic of Josh (above) is my favourite of the day. A bit blurry, but the smile says it all!!

Above and left, Ryan and Renee, the first pic I think was total adrenalin, he soon had this look of concern on his face, but he did finally settle back down again, to actually enjoy it. He had another go later in the day, so can't have been too bad. He was so scared about falling off and not being able to touch....Renee kept telling him he had his life jacket on, but that wasn't enough!

Then it was Dad's turn, with me driving the boat, scary stuff that!!!

Then Patty's turn, check out the air she took, totally awesome. I had a turn after that, but those photos are private LOL!!!!!

Then it was time for kneeboarding

Josh, had an attempt, but didn't quite get there, you were so close Josh! Second go and you would have made it up for sure. Next time!!!!

And finally, here is a slide show of the rest of the pics taken on the day, I succumbed and left the ones in there of me, ewwww. I figured I would cop a fair bit of flack if I didn't LOL


Celina said...

Hi Leanne, Wow! what a day you all had it looks like great fun. I especially loved the happy pic of Josh too also my favourite for the day. Really lovely pics too, capture the moments beautifuly, well done. Hi Patty cyu in 2 weeks you can do it all again. My question to you both old gals ARE YOU SORE! haha. cya love Celina xx

Lea Adcock said...

Wow what fun. I love skiing but haven't done that for a while. I think I'll sink now. lol!


Chrissy said...

Housework can DEFINITELY wait! Family times like these are truly priceless...