Sunday, 18 November 2007

Happy Birthday Jarrod

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Happy Birthday Jarrod

Today is the Birthday of my youngest nephew, Jarrod

So to you Jarrod, we hope you have a wonderful day, full of surprises and fun! We love you lots and are so very proud of you, love from Aunty Leanne, Uncle Rod, Renee and Aaron.

To watch you video click on the pic above and make sure you have your sound turned on, sit back and enjoy.


An update on Jarrod's Birthday. One of the surprises that Celina had organised for him was for Aaron to come up and stay over night. It meant a day off school but Aaron thought it was a cool idea - no surprises there LOL. Initially Aaron was going to go up with Dad, however, in the end, all of us went up, which was so much fun.

Jarrod was so surprised, so here are some pics of his surprise Birthday Bash, it was a great day, too hot, but lots of fun.

Some Aunty and niece bonding going on here LOL

John also bought himself a Manta Ray to be towed behind the boat, he such a big kid. So we took that out for a spin. Scary stuff, you have to wear a crash hat, because apparently they can become quite airborne, although not today, Dad was there and he was playing it safe for the first time. This is John, cracked me up, he looked like one of those crash test dummies, done up like that LOL. Then Phillip had a go on the biscuit, so much fun.


Chrissy said...

Don't you just love the One True Media montages you can create?! They are so special hey. Happy birthday wishes to your nephew Leanne. :-)

Celina said...

Hi Leanne, it was a great day hey. Jarrod said it was his best Birthday ever we had a very simple party but because he had his best friend/cousin and best friend from school there he had the best day. Thanks also for all your help love you love Celina xxxx