Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Donna at 28 weeks.......

Yup here she is again, really starting to get close to the finish line now, and going along so fast. I have been so slack with the last two lots of photos, I haven't even done anything with those one yet LOL, still got a couple of weeks before the baby shower, phew, so need to get cracking.

Donna arrived last night for her next lot of pics at 28 weeks. It just so happened that Celina was down, and she managed to see Donna here for about half an hour before they headed back home. I tell you though, every time Celina comes down she fits in about a weeks worth of appointments and shopping, has no time to stop LOL.

It was great having here though cause we managed to get some photos of Donna and her together, and look how they colour co-ordinated their tops, they reckon they didn't make phone calls to each other in the morning to check out what the other would be wearing LOL.
Doesn't Donna look great.....

Red top is 24 weeks and green is current at 28 weeks

We did belly shots this month as well, but they were done in her bikini's, so decided against showing those ones here, but she looks beautiful.


Celina said...

Hi Leanne, Hi Donna, yup that belly is definately a boy belly out front and low (haha) you look gorgeous Donna not long now for the big event we can't wait cya love Celina x

Cass Hunter said...

Donna is absolutely glowing, Leanne. Great photos. she looks soooo happy.
Cass H

Chrissy said...

Aww! I love a preggy belly! She looks wonderful doesn't she. :-)

Blessings to her and her little one
Hugs Chrissy x

Lea Adcock said...

Lovin the piccies, she is looking great, healthy and glowing.
Almost the home straight now.