Sunday, 20 May 2007

Oh wow my girl is growing up....

Hmmmm I'm not so sure I am ready to be a mother of a teenager...Renee stayed over her girlfriend's place last night and then rings me today to ask if she can catch the bus to the local shopping centre with her friend as she had money to burn. I carefully say "yes" with the proviso of her ringing me when she gets there so as I know that she has arrived safe...

It's so hard doing that whole letting go thing, when do you know the right time to allow your kids to start doing these independant things...she is nearly 14 and is very responsible...but wow it freaks me out, this whole "I want to experience this stuff on my own, mum".

Anyway as it turned out, her friend's dad dropped them off at the shops, where they proceeded to happily spend their money. After about 4 hours she is ready to come home....LOL - hmmm she never wants to shop that long when she is with me! Renee tells me over the phone what she has bought with her money and I say something to effect of "that sounds great, love". I get to the shops to collect them where she is dressed in her new gear, carrying all her bags with big happy does she look in the photos. I'm not so sure about the outfit, but it's her taste and she likes it and it was her money spent, so that's all that matters, right? LOL

Renee is on the left...
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Oh and on another note, check out my birthday present and Mothers Day present, a little late, but that is cool. How lucky am I.....hubby made it for me.

It's my new cupboard for my scrapbooking paper, I so love it...gee I'm listening to myself saying this in my head, and thinking I gotta get a life, being so excited about such a thing but it really is cool. It's not quite finished yet, the top four shelves for the paper don't fit, so therefore need a little adjusting. Also needs a shelf for the albums half way up...but it's a great start and I am a very happy mummy and wife LOL. For those of you that are crafty minded I know that you get where I am coming from LOL.

Oh and Tanya and Ali, if you do find my blog, A BIG HOWDY DO TO YOU, and I will see you tomorrow.



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Chrissy said...

What great hubbies we have hey Leanne!! Your pressie is so cool!!

Really feeling for you with the whole teenager growing up thing. Nick is almost 14 too and Emmy is almost 13 (12 months between them) so I am going through all this self questioning about theri independence twice over! *sigh*

Renee looks so darling in her outfit, the face says it all! :)

Take care!
Chrissy xx