Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Hmm it's official I have taken over...

Just as the title suggests I have officially taken over my kids games room...well half of it anyway. Now I just need to get a big table and .......and......hehe only joking, oh the mind boggles with what I else I could get to put in here, but I dont think that Aaron would be too happy with that, the playstation lives in this room LOL. I had this urge last night to move the sewing cabinet into this room. Given that I use the machine on some of my layouts, thought it would be good to have it with me, rather than trekking out to the front of the house every time I want to use it. It is so good there....I even did some mending...you would be so proud of me mum!!! Given that the last lot of mending that had been hidden in that cabinet mum took and mended for me, only to find that the kids had out grown half of the clothes in the pile waiting to be fixed...it took that long LOL .

The photo shows my sewing cabinet in the front left hand corner, with my scrapping area in the other corner. I couldn't take a pic of the other side of the room, that has a little bit of sorting out to do LOL, although nothing interesting over there anyway.


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Chrissy said...

Ohhh it's all looking great Leanne!! My sewing machine bit the dust about 6 months ago and the $$ they want to repair it, well it's not really worth it. I'd so love a new one. Can't believe I don't have a working sewing machine atm, overlockers just can't do everything... Just need to find the $$ for another one.

Chrissy x