Friday, 18 May 2007

Happy "Me Day" to me....

You know how it is, every now and again you need to have a day just for yourself....well today is my day. I went to work yesterday and asked the boss if I could have the day off and here I am!!!!

I had money burning a hole in my pocket, from my birthday, thanks to mum and my two dads', and I had the urge to go and for those of you that aren't crafty minded - like Celina and Donna - you may find this totally boring...but for's fun and exciting, and oh so relaxing - I find spending money on paper and ribbons and pretty scrapbooking things so much more fun than buying clothes...hehehe, as everyone in the family recently found out, with Donna's wedding having just past, I spent hours looking for a blouse and couldn't find anything I liked or the right in the end Mum and I made something. Nothing like leaving that sort of the thing to last minute given that it was still being finished two day befores the wedding!!! Geez I hate clothes shopping. Renee has vowed never to come with me again after that little excercise. Even Celina, got in on the act with that one, having brought some outfits down from Waikerie from her local shop for me to try on...but I didn't like them either and the one I did like didn't fit....hmmm how frustrating.

Shopping for clothes totally boring, but shopping for my craft, well that is fun. See how many pretty things I brought today. I always end up with far too much pink paper, but oh well, I just can't help myself I am so drawn to it LOL. I still have money left over, so may buy myself a new handbag with that, and even though I have just finished whinging about my dislike for clothes shopping, I just may have to concede that some winter clothes are required and may have to drag myself out to the change rooms, god I hate that part, and see what I can find.

It's so nice to have a quiet day to yourself like this. Renee and Aaron tried it on with me this morning, wanting to stay home with me. Now that would have been fun, wouldn't it, taking them to the craft shop with me NOT.

The weather is supposed to be a little lame this weekend, oh how sad, may have to get creative...
I will keep you posted on how that pans out

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