Sunday, 27 May 2007

A Footy Carnival and a Party....

Aaron had Winter Carnival at School on Friday, he was so excited , it was all he was talking about for the last week! He was playing footy for the school with his mates and he thought that was going to be just "totally sick" . Mind you, he needed a little bit of a refresher from his dad on Thursday night asking him where the forward pocket was, god love him..he had me a little worried that he wasnt going to know what to do when he got out there. Anyway he did fine he played all day, 5 games in total and lost every one of them. He didn't care though, coming home and saying "I had fun mum, and that's all that matters". He did managed to kick 1 goal 1 point, so he was stoked with his effort. He got rough handled though, coming home with mud all over him and nice rip in his shirt, he couldn't wait to show the rip, for him it was like a trophy for playing hard LOL.

Renee and I went shopping yesterday, it was so nice, just the two of us. It's her Birthday in a week - 14 years, WOW, so I thought I would take her out for a bit girl therapy. We had such fun, we even managed to stay out for a few hours, which is pretty good going for us. Normally she gets stroppy with me and we all go home, cause it turns into disaster...we did have a couple of moments but it wasn't too bad...argh teenagers.

We bought some really nice things, a couple of tops, a pair of shoes and gorgeous green jumper - the green looks so nice on her and a Adidas tracksuit which will be kept for her birthday, I just need to figure out what to add now for the surprise factor! She is stoked with the tracksuit though, it's her first brand name tracksuit that has been bought new for her, I never could see the value in spending all that money on something that kids would grow out of in 6 months, at least now with her growing nearly done, it doesnt seem so worthless.

She had Lauren's party to go (which is her friend from birth, her mum and I met during antenatel classes and have been friends ever since, the girls are born 5 days apart, Lauren being the eldest) they share such a special bond and friendship.

So I got some photos of her getting ready. Mind you would think I had asked her for a hundred because the first attempt at getting some nice shots ended up in an arguement. I obviously took one photo too many, god forbid I only took five! Well, we finally get over that little hormone rush and then managed to actually have some fun getting some pics.

I like to call this series of pics "the Makings of a Beautiful Girl....

And finally today, I managed to get this layout finished, it took me days of fiddling around with it, but got there in the funny though, cause when you look at it, it looks like a couple of hours work, hehehe

This one is called "Our Sweet Little Lady" Renee was about 18 months old

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Cass Hunter said...

Hey Leanne,
thanks for visitng and commenting on my little blog. Thought I should return the favour.
Great blog!! And you have a stunning daughter!! I loved your LO that I commented on.
Cass H