Friday, 11 May 2007

Meet the rest of my family

I was listening to the radio the other day, they had a competition where they were asking for photos of your family doing something together, a nice moment a together moment. Anyway it got me thinking how hard it is to get all of our family together all at the same time, there is always someone working or one of the kids will be away on camp or at friends.

We don't have a large family. I have two sisters, both of which are married now. Celina, who is the one under me has two children...I have two children and Donna as yet has none....and all our husbands are still on the scene! We have 3 parents, mum and dad having divorced when we were young and mum has now remarried. So I went looking through some photos and came across this one...this is actually all of us together, all at the same time, no one missing HOW AMAZING!!! But check it out, all of us together for the first time in years and years and we get a photo like this LOL. The photo was taken at a place called the Night Train here in Adelaide and we were there for my nephews birthday.

Back row from left to right
Kevin (stepdad), John (Celina's husband), Dad, Ben (Donna's husband), Rod (my husband)middle row - the outside charachters are not part of the family, from the Night Train act LOL
left to right again
Mum, Me, Celina and Donna
Bottom row from left to right again starts with a Night Train charachter
Renée (our daughter,) Phillip (Celina's son), Aaron (our son) and Jarrod (Celina's son)

And we truly did wait years for that photo, thankfully with Donna just recently married the opportunity came up again and we have been fortunate enough to get the whole family again, actually looking quite dapper! I will see if I can attach that pic now LOL, still learning about attaching images to this....

Ah, there you go, not too bad eh?

Anyways thats it for me today, still trying to work out my slide show thingy, hopefully will get that sussed soon enough...

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Chrissy said...

Congrats on starting your blog Leanne! You're going to love it, blogland is so fun! Your family pics are terrific.

You have such adorable children. :-)

Take care
Chrissy xx