Sunday, 30 September 2007

A fun couple of days.......

This is going to be a bit of a long post, I don't really feel like scrapping, but have some photos that I want to share, so blogging is a kind of comprise.

School holidays have started and even though I am working all the way through these holidays, it still does give us an opportunity to slow the pace a little, without all the rush that comes in a busy household with school aged kids. Renée's report was excellent, she is just showing a little attitude, comments like "she is spasmodic" and "could achieve more if concentrated on the task" were written. However having said that she got A's in her core subjects, so we were very pleased with that. She likes to have fun at school, I remember being a little the same!

Aaron didn't get a report this term but he did get his school photos back, he doesn't like them, he thinks he looks a little goofy....I dont' think so. I tried to explain that this is how he looks and sometimes the funny faces are one of those little personality traits that you have this time, this year. He will probably still hate the photo when he looks back through them in years to come, but a mother loves any photo of her kids, isn't that right!

End of school term also brought the end of Scouts for the term, and the kids went ten pin bowling Friday night. My psuedo daughter, Cyra (Renée's best friend at school), also came. Cyra and Renée get along so well. Renée can be a little plain jane, she is a little like me in that respect. Cyra, however, knows very much how to use her girly charms and likes to make the effort to look her best LOL. Renée who would ordinarly take about 10 minutes to get ready to go out, took about an hour along with Cyra to get ready the other night. Hair straightners, make up, mouse, name it was used. I must admit though it is nice to see the girls dress up occassionally, we don't get to see Renée do it very much that is for sure. This is a pic they took of themselves on the mobile phone.

Yesterday morning it was early up for us girls. Dad took the girls and I to Waikerie to see Celina, John and the kids. Rod and Aaron didn't want to come this time, instead they opted to stay home to watch the footy (which we won't talk about LOL, both are Port supporters). The idea was to take the boat out, this was the first time, since earlier in the year, so dad was keen, as were Renée and Cyra. Celina and I however, thought it would be a little cool, it was very overcast, but hell what do we know, we are just the mothers!!! We got up there and the boys didn't want to come, instead they stayed home and helped John build a pergola, they were the smart ones.

We went to Barmera - Lake Bonney (for those of you that may read this and don't know where that is, it's in the Riverland, South Australia. The lake was awful, so choppy, but that boat was going in regardless. On the way up there, I had a phone call from Renee, asking if there were sharks in there, along with had obviously been spinning the girls a yarn and Renée rang to check it out with me, talk about a scream, Celina then pipes up and says "yep and there are Piranas too". Renée had it sussed with that, but up until then the girls weren't too sure.

Here they are ready to get in the water. The first one is their fat impersonation, not sure of the purpose of that, they are mad, totally mad! The second one is meant to be the nice one, I tell ya, gone are they days where you acutally smile for the camera and actually look happy, so frustrating!!!

The biscuit was first, I love this thing, so much fun and all you have to do is hang on, nice and easy to do. Renée is heavier than Cyra though and subsequently the balance of the biscuit was off, but got some cute pics of them before Renée just couldn't hang on any more.

(right) Then it was Cyra's turn on her own......

...and then Renée (left). Here she is totally showing off, we were coming into shore so the boat was slowing down, it wasn't long after this pic, however, that Cyra suggests we give her a little burst of the throttle and off she goes, straight off the back!!!!!!
Then it was out with the knee board. Cyra hadn't done this before, but wanted to give it a go, despite the water being so rough and choppy. Renée had her turn first.

Cyra, also got up after a few attempts, but I forgot to take the camera out with me, when I was spotting for her, so I missed out on pics of her, was pretty annoyed about that LOL.
We got back to Celina's, John and Phillip had finished the structure for the pergola, it looks great, Celina was so impressed.
They did however have some sad news. They have geese, and they had two babies hatch in the morning, only to be found by John shortly after hatching, dead. The big male goose stomped on them, they were so fluffy and cute. I suggested to John, that he separate the male from the others, to try and have her save her last egg (although we aren't too sure that one is fertislised).

Here John, is with the big male (doesn't he look like Farmer Joe LOL), rotton goose, then with Jarrod, giving it a pat, and the last pic is of the mummy on her egg. Poor thing she was so distressed. She is the bird in the back ground, you can just see her egg under her.

Aside from that though, the day was great, I so love spending time with Celina, we are very close. I love her bits. We crawled into bed about midnight, Celina and I shared, and then chatted until about two in the morning, I was so darn tired when I woke up this morning. We had to get up early to get Cyra home before midday.

The final pic is of my sister, with her puddy cat Elliott, she loves her cats, they have two, and they are totally spoiled. It's not the best pic of her, as we weren't long out of bed LOL, but I figure on my blog I can put anything on here and that will teach her for keeping me awake half the night!!!!!! Sorry Celina, NOT!!!! Love your guts girl, Leanne, xxxx


Celina said...

Hi Leanne, yup that was a great weekend love ya pics even me and Elliot. Thanks for coming we love you too. love ya guts girl, Celina xxxxxx

Chrissy said...

LOVE the fun family and friends piccies Leanne!! The water play looks totally awesome! I'm such a sook, haven't even been in our pool yet although the kids get in for hours! They'd swim in ice!! LOL

Hugs to you!
Chrissy x

Lea Adcock said...

looks like great fun by all.
We went to Berri and popped down to Monash with the kids over the long weekend they had a ball of fun.

Lea xx

Donna said...

Hi Leanne,
Wow, you guys looked like you had such a great weekend. The pics are fantastic. Donna x