Thursday, 20 September 2007

He's home.....

Yup, this is a pic of Aaron, home from camp yesterday afternoon actually, but didn't get to blog until now. He was so buggered and totally eaten by mosquitos, you can see his right eye how puffy it is. He has bites up both arms and all over his face. I packed repellant as well, and he knew it was there......little bugger decided he didn't need it!!!!! This morning he woke up and he couldn't even open his eye. Looks like he has had ten rounds with Mike Tyson.

This pic was taken of him at about 4.15pm yesteday afternoon and he didn't wake up until up 7.45, he was so tired. He had a great time though, loved doing the archery and said that the girls were funny, because all they did was laugh, totally cracked me up. I asked him if he missed me and he said "just a little", I can live with that LOL. He said he hardly got any sleep cause all the kids kept talking all night!! I'm sure he had nothing to do with that LOL.

Anyways he is home safe and sound and tonight we pack it all again for a Scout camp tomorrow night for two rest for the wicked!!!!


Celina said...

Hi Leanne, arh precios boy he is plumb tuckered out lol. Welcome home Aaron enjoy your camp this weekend mate luv ya Celina xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Why didn't his nasty mother pack insect repellent??? HUH? HUH? Just kidding...poor little blighter