Saturday, 18 August 2007

Paying it Forward......

Ok, now this is a first for me......but it sounds like fun.

This has come from Tess, this is her link

I am not clever enough to be able to work out how to make her name the link, but hopefully this works just as well LOL. The idea of Paying it Forward didn't start with her, thats the fun of it, see how long we can keep paying it forward.

Here is Tess's little blurb about it - copy and pasted here from her blog!

and also Lis for a RAK on her blog for the Pay it Forward thingy on her blog!!!
So now it's my turn to pay it forward.The first 3 people to comment on this post will recieve a handmade gift from me! But you have to keep it going forward, so you will need to post it on your blog too! (that is if you want a gift from me lol you might not!!!)
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So there you go, if you want a little something from me, be the first three people to post a comment on my blog and I will endeavor to make you happy with something handmade from "mwa" LOL and send it to in return though need to make sure that you also "Pay it Forward" by posting it into your blog and then passing it on with a RAK to three people (a RAK for those of you who aren't scrapping people is a "Random Act of Kindness", I had to ask Tess what it meant LOL, I had never heard of it before - so you make or give something for "just because", isn't that cool!).

Oh and keep reading and check out the World Record attempt in the post below, it was an awesome day today! Lots of pics to look at.....


Sharai said...

Yeah sure Leanne
I'll pay it forward.


Sharai said...

loving your layouts too Leanne they are gorgeous.


KarenB said...

I came to your blog on the recommendation of Lea... what a great idea to 'pay it forward'. I'll be in that :)

Lea Adcock said...

Hi Leanne, would it be ok to add you to my blogroll?