Thursday, 9 August 2007

Little Miracle in the making.....

Amazing isn't it, how we start out, the beginning of something so precious. This is the first photo of my new niece or nephew at 11 weeks, this little bundle of joy is due in February. I must brush up on my baby skills before this little one is born, it has been a while since we have had a baby in the family!

And this is the mummy, Donna, my littlest sister, I know Donna you are probably cringing right now reading this, she so loves to be referred to as the "baby" NOT!!!! Anyway here she is proudly showing off her little baby bump at 13 weeks. I did check with her before blogging this, she said it was OK to post the photo, so long as I keep the pics of her wedding up there, showing her off at her best LOL.


Anonymous said...

oh my birthday is feb 7th - good

Treezah said...

oh how cute, aren't scan's amazing these days.
I think your sister looks lovely, such a little bump!!!
Tell her to go one week over have it on Valentines day!!!!
(omg dont have it on Julie's birthday, one of her is enough ROFL..)

Chrissy said...

Congratulations Aunty Leanne!!! :D

Your sister is still so teeny! Hoping all goes well for a smooth pregnancy, can't wait to see photos of your little niece or nephew in a few more months time.

Take care
Chrissy x