Monday, 10 March 2008

Scrapping like mad.......

It has been so darn hot this weekend. Renee went away on a camp Kyacking, poor kid, too hot, but she did have a good time. We picked her up at about 5pm tonight.

So whilst she was away, I sat in my little scrap room, right under the air conditioner and did some serious scrapping.
Firstly I had thought that I had better get into Donna's pregnancy album again, seems as the baby has now been this is the layout for 20 weeks. Still have a few more to go on this, but I will get there!
Then did three more pages for Caitlin's album, I am on a roll at the moment, although it does help when I have such a cute little subject to scrap with. I totally adore the last pic of her, looks like she is almost smiling. She is starting to get a little chunky now, so cute at nearly four weeks.
Have a great week everyone


Chrissy said...

You're doing a brilliant job with these Leanne!! I so love preggy LOs... *sigh*

Anonymous said...

What a cute photo Luvvy. We'll have to catch up soon