Tuesday, 12 February 2008

IT'S A GIRL.....Woohoo!!

Very excited Aunty here. We got the phone call at about 1.30 am this morning to say that


a little girl, weighing about 7 and half pounds arrived at 12.35am

Stay tuned there will be lots of photos tonight.

Have a great day!!!

Love Leanne.
Ok so here some of the pics. Donna and Ben are doing great, although Donna was getting a little tired by the end of our visit, it has been a big day. Caitlin is gorgeous, hardly makes a sound, so far......She has a real little frown on her and not sure if she has eyes yet, because we didn't see them, but she has ten fingers and ten little toes and a little shell ear, just like her mum did, but very cute. So enjoy the pics everyone, we are totally in love!!!

There are plenty more, but will put some up another time, am so tired, couldn't get back to sleep after our early morning phone call, but I am so stoked I have a niece, she has been a long time coming and we are all counting our blessings tonight. Welcome baby Caitlin.....


Cass Hunter said...

Woo-hoo!!! How EXCITING!!! Congraulations Donna! And Congratulations Aunty Leanne. Can't wait to see some pics!!

Cass xoxo

Tess said...

a big CONGRATS to all!! especially to the new aunty LOL..i wait with bated breath for those newborn pics TONIGHT!!!

Cass Hunter said...

Oh Leanne, she is gorgeous!! what fantastic photos. Thanks for sharing them!

Cass H

Anonymous said...

Congrats Donna, Ben and the new cousins, Aunts and Uncles, Granny and both Grandpas. She is beautiful Donna, as I knew she would be. Can't wait to meet her in person

Anonymous said...

Woops, forgot, that was me...Patty

Chrissy said...

Awww, please pass on my congrats to Donna, what a gorgeous bubby!! Hugs to the new Aunty too. *grin*