Thursday, 31 January 2008

I'm still alive and Donna's still Pregnant.......

Yup for those faithfuls that do occassionally check in here to keep up to date, I apologise for being so slack. No real excuse, apart from getting into the New Year, School holidays etc etc. Oh but more recently my puter died, very sad that is, so at the moment I am sitting at Renee's laptop doing this entry, feels very unfamiliar to me, a bit like cooking in someone else's kitchen LOL, not that I do much of that, totally don't get into here I go in trying to catch up on the last few weeks.

New Year was great, we went to a friend's place and played on Singstar most of the night was so much fun, but we were a little shy, not having played on one before, it was enough however to inspire the kids to put together some of their Christmas money and go and get a Singstar bundle once the shops opened again in the New Year. I totally love it, my favourite CD being the "Legends", all the oldies onit like, Jimmy Barnes, John Farnham, and so funny, I get Singstar often and now no one wants to play with me cause I always win, love love love it. Sad really given I am the mummy, but it feels good to win!!!!!

The boat was taken out a few times, more recently last weekend and Aaron has now mastered the art of Water Skiing he has done so well, didn't really take him long to get up either, he is totally chuffed with himself, he is still a little wobbly but can manage to go quite away now before falling off, he has even managed to get around the turns as well, we are so proud of our boy. Renee hasn't had any more attempts since the last time, she has struggled a little with this and therefore isn't as interested!!! Maybe a little peeved that her brother beat her in getting up!!!

The kids went back to school again, not unlike the rest of the country, I was like most mothers relieved to finally be back in routine again, earlier nights etc etc. The last couple of weeks are the worst with the kids getting tired and bored with each other and they just seem to drag. The only problem I have with the whole back to school thing is having to cut lunches again, don't think much of that job.

And finally for this post, Donna is still pregnant, 9 days to go and counting today. She looks amazing and certainly not like a woman who is about to pop. She skips in and out and around the place, no real sign of being very uncomfortable at all, even her Doctor apparently passed a similar comment today when he saw her. She is getting sick of herself though and just wants it over now, hmmmm I am sure most of us can relate to those words, I can't imagine what she will be like if she is overdue, and as much as she hates me saying it, I think she will be....I also reckon a little boy, so not long now and the waiting will be over. So here are the last few weeks pics of her.

The above shots are at 36 weeks, the last few are with Renee, I had to get a couple of shots with her in the pic with Donna because I have a shot of me pregnant with Renee, with Donna striking a similar pose. If I was on my puter I would upload that photo.........but alas I can't LOL.

37 weeks with very swollen feet

and these are from today at 38 weeks nearly 39, I would love to say that she has "dropped" but I don't think so. I did get to feel a couple of movements today, I so love that.....most of her kicks are up high on the right hand side, not much room in there for that little baby though, not long to go now. So stay tuned.........................


Tess said...

glad to see your still alive LOL..
thank you for sharing Donna's pregnancy, it's been fantastic watching that little bump grow, i'm almost beside myself with excitement waiting to see the 'after' photo's which i'm sure wont be too far away..(i'm thinking about 12 days by the looks of her belly LOL) good luck!!! i'm finger crossing for PINK!!!!!!
we should run a bet hey LOL

Chrissy said...

Awww, she still looks so little though. Can't wait to hear what she's had, it's getting close. :-) I'm thinking pink.... hee hee

Looks like you've had some fun Leanne, love the piccies!!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Donna. And as for you Luvvy, it is about bloody time you put the photos up!!!

Guess who

And yep, he's home - don't know how long for aaaahhhh

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I just happen to stumble on your site... I will be popping by again... take care

Scrapbooking 4 Less said...

Great Preggie pics, can't wait to hear of bub's safe arrival.

Take Care,
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