Saturday, 22 December 2007

Holidays are here and Donna at 32 Weeks

Wow we have all been on holidays for a week and we have been busy.

Last Sunday we took the boat out again, up to Walkers Flat, had a great time. Tried to get Renee up on Water Skiis, she nearly got there, was so close. In the end she was getting tired and decided it was "boring" so then spent the rest of the day on the kneeboard. Aaron on the biscuit only because his knee was hurting from a small accident that he had at school!!!!
I even got brave enough to tow Renee on the kneeboard, was so scared, but I managed to get her up out of the water on about the third attempt and she got back safely, phew, LOL. Dad also wanted to have a go, I tell you I was a little freaked out at the thought of trying to get him out of the water. He never got up on the skiis, but did manage about two seconds on the kneeboard before his shoulder gave out on him......oh well at least he got up!!
So here is a couple of photos of my beauties, no kneeboard shots today.


We spent early in the week painting Renee's room, she decided that fairy floss pink had to go after all these years LOL. We made the mistake of when she was about six, letting her choose whatever colour she wanted and that's what she picked. I never really liked it when it went up, but she did and that was the main thing, so I must admit I wasn't too sad to see it go.

She wants a Betty Boop theme this time. Initially the paint sample tins came home coloured Red and Cream, she wanted a Red feature wall, with the other three Cream. I wasn't too keen on the red wall idea, I figured she already has an issue with teenage attitude, without throwing up a red wall to help it along!!! Thankfully with a little bit of coaxing she also decided that maybe it might be a bit much, so in the end it was decided to go a light blue, the idea here is that it will match in with her new quilt cover set that she is getting for Christmas, the mummy said, thank God, let me tell you.

It also was an opportunity to give her room a good clean out and so I then ended having to find boxes to store all the unwanted items, but not so unwanted that she wants to give them away or sell them on EBAY, so subsequently the spare room, now has two additional boxes with Renee's treasures in them. I tell ya though for the size of the room that she has there sure was a lot of stuff in there, check out this pic LOL. This is it all piled up in our loungeroom, was very glad to see it safely back to her room again!!!

Haven't got an after shot yet, will post one of those later once she has her quilt, but here are a couple of before and in progress shots. Her quilt is blue and red, I am thinking that red curtains would look pretty good here, would give a real retro feel, but at the moment, madam is not buying it, perhaps I should have suggested green first, LOL, then maybe she would have come to the party, it just seems lately that if I say black, she will say white, argh teenagers, who needs them!!!

Then finally for this post, we went to Donna's yesterday, to see how the nursery is progressing, only 8 weeks or so go to go now, very exciting. It was also belly picture time as well. So here are the pics of her nursery. It does look a little male toned, even the tiny little clothes in the drawer have a definate male feel about them, but man they are so darn cute. If she does have a little girl, I am sure she will be inundated with lots of pink!!!

And here are her 32 week shots. Her best friend Kirrily was there also, so it gave us an opportunity to get a few pics of the two of them together. Kirrily is 6 weeks behind her and having a little girl. And Donna being so obliging for her big sister wore a pink top for her photos this time. I love to scrap in pink....not that I have done much of that lately, really must get back into that, just a little short of time at present and am enjoying doing a little bit of nothing at the moment.

That's about it from me, took me ages to post all this, have been having trouble with my camera recognising the computer for some reason, a real pain, so had to download photos to Renee's laptop first, oh the hassels LOL.
Anyway for those that stop by and have a read I hope you all have a very Happy and Safe Christmas with your families and friends, because I don't think that I will be back here again until after Christmas.
Take care

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Anonymous said...

Looking good Donna. Celina you look fab too...luv the dressing gown!!! Luvvy, you are not left out, love the photo of you Celina and Nay Nay.